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The lost world of miniature villages around Toronto

Maybe this is why our Soft City made an impression on us? We grew up with miniature versions… well sorta. I’ve never visited one, but always wanted to. 

The making of Green Eggs and Ham

The making of Green Eggs and Ham

For The Artcraft Zoo

Dear Artcraft,

Please consider the following as our application for the co-funded MuchMusic hip-hop video craft artists positions.

We are two members from the Soft City Collective -an ongoing local Toronto community arts project that encourages kids and crafty folks of all ages to imagine and build their utopian urban landscapes. While we mostly deal in felt and other soft materials, together we have the “know how” and the experience needed to make just about EVERYTHING you are looking for. Though we hope that you would consider felt too, as it is our favourite medium to work with.

We have also designed and built sets for a variety of theatre and film projects, both full scale and in miniature and so are familiar with working effectively with producers, directors and all players on a production.

We believe that between the two of us we can handle all of the elements required for your video project, and ensure a cohesive aesthetic across the eight required pieces. Of course, if you feel we might be the right fit for some but not all of these pieces we are more than happy to work alongside any other artists you wish to bring aboard. We’re pretty chill, no egos here.


Jason van Horne

Jason is also a sculpture/installation artist with a primary focus on urban representation and themes. He is a miniature maker, and uses found and repurposed material (product packaging, obsolete electronics, etc) along with traditional modelling accessories to build detailed scenes of urban decay. In addition he is a skilled free-hand illustrator and graphic designer, prop builder, engaged in urban beautification projects and can carve a mean swan out of ice.

His exhibition history includes the Harbourfront Centre’s Architecture gallery, Katharine Mulherin Art Projects, Flux Factory in NYC and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Sarah Couture McPhail

Sarah is a master crafter. She can crochet, knit, draw, paint, lino print, embroider, sew, paint with encaustics, make clothes… and she is pretty good at figuring out the stuff she doesn’t know how to do yet. Sarah runs a small workshop/studio where she offers “how to” style crafting classes for adults and kids. And, she maintains a blog about it. She is also co-founder of the Toronto’s Brockton Neighborhood Chalk the Block Collective. And she has 6 years of experience working in post-production special effects as a coordinator. 

Take a tour of our Soft City .

More photos the Soft City on Flickr.

Sarah’s instagram for more examples of her work. You might find pictures of her kids too though.

* everything underlined is a hyper link. you know, in case you missed it.


Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers! 


Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers! 


While loading pictures off of an old smashed iphone, I came across these little slippers I made for fellow Soft City Collective members Rose and Jason’s twins. They started walking this week!

Yeah Emmet and Simon!

2 sets of twins born to 3 Soft City Collective members… must be something in the felt water.

How amazing is this portrait of a hero?
Found here: http://www.dawnschreiner.com/blog/

How amazing is this portrait of a hero?

Found here: http://www.dawnschreiner.com/blog/



Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Premiered on PBS on this date in 1968.

45 years later and it’s still a pretty nice day in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.

Hi neighbor.

@luvetsytreasury’s GIF from GifBoom: Cup of Valentines (Taken with GifBoom)

@luvetsytreasury’s GIF from GifBoom: Cup of Valentines (Taken with GifBoom)

Mini Felt House Luminaries

Ahhhh! look at these little felt houses!

(Source: fusionoflight, via from89)

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